The Love of Keeping Home

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thread and Paper

As a little girl at my mother and grandmothers' side would we spend countless, endless, painful hours in the fabric & craft store. Isles and rows filled from top to bottom with bins of yarn, yarn and yarn. Cabinets lined the walls of the store with spools of thread and ribbon. Colors never knew existed were discovered each time mom and grandma entered through those doors. I was raised to be seen and not heard while out in public. So this little girl would have to try her utmost and practice patience and good behavior. Thankfully mom and grandma would treat to lunch, so I knew there was something to look forward to!

But that I'm all grown up...I LOVE yarn and ribbon and thread and spools even with out thread. Paper and pretty boxes filled with paper...Oh MY! Cabinets lined with floral paper and filled to the brim with thread and ribbon. I don't want to use them mind you, just look and smile. There's nothing wrong with just looking right? But I can't help but buy them. They get me every time!

When I come across an old dresser or an old beat up cabinet at a second hand store or garage sale that one has discarded, an overwhelming sense of excitement takes me by storm as I begin to imagine all the wonderfully adorable little things I could store in it. The more weathered and beat up, the better. A treasure trove.

Did you know there are even Vintage Spools...without thread worth much value? For a spool enthusiast, this is very exciting! Place them for decoration and to just look at in a beautiful antique bowl. Vintage and Antique, that's something to be happy about.

It's fun to wrap christmas gifts and all other occasions with cute and pretty ribbons you find.

Mother has always had the most inspiring and beautifully organized craft spaces. I used to just open the closet door (when her space was merely a closet) and just gaze in wonderment. Ribbon that used to be grandmas, material remnants that used to be grandma's mothers~ Great grandma Kate. Glue sticks tucked away, accordingly, along with neat little rows of embroidery thread passed down generations all kept neat in what used to be grandmas craft chest drawers.

Stacks of patterns kept residence in weaved baskets lined with soft floral fabric. Even today, patterns are thought of as little treasures. Many times growing up, I could literally see my mother's face light up in Jo-Ann's, as the big woosh of the big drawer filled to the brim with McCalls patterns slid open.

And a seamstress! Boy, what a seamstress she was and is! She can sew a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g!
Allow my southerness to come out when I say this: OH MY, HEAVENS and WELL!!

The detail and perfection she pours into each stitch is amazing. Sewing is definetly an art. And if you good at it, a blessing that can be handed down to your own girls or grandchildren. It's never to late to learn or teach something dear to your heart.

Today mother has a new home. I can't wait to see what her new craft space will look like now that she has an actual four wall room with a door (complete with a vintage doorknob) to fill! Heavens, it'll be as though I'm gazing into a little store!~~~~

~~~~Do you wear an apron when cooking or baking? Do they catch your eye as you are in home stores? Do you happen upon fabric and think "ah yes, this would make an adorable apron." Do you go as far as to trying one or two on, in the store?

Don't they look especially cute hanging on a vintage inspired hutch? I think it should be a home maker requirement to wear aprons when cooking. Mom and grandma would wear them in grandma's restaurants. Even grandpa would wear the plain old white one when he was washing the dishes. Just plain jane aprons with two single thin ties wrapped from back to front in a double knot. I loved seeing those three bustling around the restaurant in their matching plain jane white aprons.

There was something special seeing that as an only child (at that time, I was an only child). Unity, togetherness, hard work. As an only child for many many years of my youth, my attention was always set on the adults in my life. I didn't have siblings to play and interact with.

Dad, mom, grandpa and grandma were my world.

Today, only one of those four remarkable people are still here with me.

Everyday they are on my mind. Whether I'm writting, reading, dreaming, ironing, cooking, baking, sewing, glue gunning, decorating, cleaning, gardening, pulling weeds, enjoying an evening glass of Pinot Grigio, working,
wearing my apron...there they are.

RAMANO'S! When grandma owned this place, she had
this adorable little
italian (of course) woman make her raviolis each week.
How adorable is that?
There were only two kinds:
shrimp & parmasean.
Mother was the head meatball roller in her youth.
Each day after school, mom would bus to Ramano's and work. She didn't have time for extra curricular activies because she worked at her parents business. It was then and even when I came into the world a family business.
Family. I cherish the word and hope to fulfill it's meaning.~~
Have a wonderful day! I've got lots of work to do so, I better get busy!