The Love of Keeping Home

Thursday, December 26, 2013

They Call Her a Dreamer

"Since when is being a dreamer a bad thing?"  "Are they really using that against you?" Stumbling trying to understand such a notion, one asked "Wait...isn't being a dreamer a good thing?" Those are the very words they asked when she tells them what was said.
To be a dreamer certainly doesn't mean you are one living away from reality. Being a dreamer means you have heart and hope. Because without such...what then do we have?

It means you have imagination, spirit, hopes, aspirations, goals and desires.

But to the weak, timid, dead of heart and ones living in fear with regret, dreaming is viewed as escapism. They call me a dreamer not because of my writing or my ambition to search for something bigger, better or brighter but because they are afraid of what their lives may have become. Fear is immobilizing. Fear stops you in your tracks. Fear enables you from reaching for your goals. Fear takes you to a place of uncertainty and compliance. Uncertain of how to release ones self from the grasp of moving forward. To move ahead. To move toward something imaginable, thinkable and tangible.  

When your reality becomes the center of all your hopes and dreams lost, something magnificent can happen. You become a survivor of your own life. Without a moments notice, one begins dreaming of something different. Imagining sunsets unseen and landscapes not yet driven through. 

Living a life filled with regrets and should have's deepens one's desires for all the moments they wished they had back. My favorite poet Ann Dillard writes "How we spend our days is of course, how we live our lives." I never want to wake one morning wishing I would have lived the majority of my life different. Although we have little to no control over the many things this world throws at us, we do have control over our heart, desires and longings. My heart is my sounding place. 
Where I rest in peace within myself knowing I am responsible for my own emotional response and not responsible for another's actions. My desires pull me center bringing focus and clarity to the path of life in which I am reaching for. My longings place light on possible regret by enabling me to take my moments on this earth with full heart and not for granted. 
What happens when one dreams and imagines something new? Just ask Helen Keller, C.S. Lewis, Amadeus Mozart, Albert Einstein, Beatrix Potter, Susan Branch, Oscar Wilde, JRR Tolken, Jk Rowling, Stephen King, Vivaldi, Abraham Lincoln, Picasso, Martin Luther King, Ann Frank, Corrie Ten Boom, Steve Jobs, our Founding Fathers, Lewis and Clark, Christopher Columbus, Mario Puzo...just some of our history's amazing dreamers

People who mock trying to discredit dreamers are sad and dull of character. They once had dreams and goals for themselves, but fell victim of fear.
They lost themselves in the daily do's and fell from true and real reality. The reality of self reflection and discovery. What ever dreams, gifts and talents they once had have been stifled which eventually led to a shriveled heart of soul. You see them, their the men and women who's eyes are blank and any light once having shone is dimmed by their own darkness. Those with light in their soul frighten them. Because when they look at you, they see their reflection of what they could have been and achieved.

Self reflection is hard. When one really looks deep into the heart and feels their soul, discovery happens. Many people discover inequities within themselves. Those with a bloated self image cannot handle such notions. Their daily illusions of themselves become fogged by the reality of who they truly are. Their interpretation of what they project into the world is not actually truth. They often see themselves blameless, innocent and good but the truth is that those with light and discernment can see the deceit. Their truth is often ugly. And once they look into themselves, they have decisions to make. The first choice is to accept the truth of their failures and change or to become indignant to themselves by denying their faults. Furthermore projecting an even bigger bloated sense of self.

So...the next time someone tries to smother your dreams or dares to insult your ambitions by calling you a dreamer...stand tall and say Thank You, for dreaming of what could be is the beginning of something brilliant! Then turn on your heal declaring upon request for pie... Dream Whip Pie!

~ Thanks for reading with me!