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Monday, December 24, 2012

Having a Norman Rockwell Christmas


                                 How to Have a
                     ~ Norman Rockwell Christmas ~
Peace and Joy be with you! One of my favorite greetings. click here for music! youtube michael bubleThe world interprets having a sense of peace as all things well. The house is quiet, the children are getting along, the bills are met and paid, the car sitting in the drive is running, your relationships are happy and healthy, the city streets are friendly and crime free, the nations are at one and all is well. 

                    Luke 2:14
                   Glory to God in the highest & on earth peace, good will toward men.
This Christmas season may be one of delicacy for many. Times have been burdonsome, hearts have been heavy, lives have been scrambled into several directions. Life on this earth can be tiresome, lonely, sad and aching. But our God promises, that although amist these hardships and trials faced each day, we can experience a strong sense of Peace. Peace that God is sovereign in His love. He has given us the gift of Jesus's blood shed on the cross so that we may have an eternal home in heaven. That even though life here is painful we can rest in the palms of God's guidance and His assurance to us that we are His and He is ours. Jesus is our friend. He wants to be our friend. He is only waiting. Each morning when we rise, in the afternoon when we feel tired and weary and in the evening when our hope feels faint. He is waiting.

The Peace provided is a gift. A gift that was paid for each of us. Having the peace provided by the comfort & reassurance that we are never alone. Unlike the peace promised by the world we share and live in, God's peace is debt free. There is no interest accruing, no sum to be paid by our childrens' children. This peace was paid in full by God for you and me. Only to leave us with the blessings we can choose to unwrap each moment of our God given days. "How we spend our days is of course how live our lives." Ann Dillard

So then, how does one unwrap and unfold these little things turned moments in our lives this magical holiday season?
Well, I for one love the "magic" part of the season. "Christmas without children simply isn't Christmas." They provide the magic. The anticipation of Santa that coming cold snowy morning.
                            How once we were the ones awaiting Old Saint Nick.

                 Then we become Old Saint Nick's elves...busy and bustling Santa's gifts

            and someday we will ultimitely become Santa himself...for the children.

                                                        Where does the time go?? :)

 Okay here are some of my favorite Christmas things. Maybe you can impliment them into your own holiday tradition (: Very Norman Rockwell-y.

                                                       Beautiful Christmas Tree

            Decking the halls...I love love love natural woodsy. Glitter is great & beautiful but I 
                                                 just love olde world and simplicity (:
~lights, lights, lights. Lots and lots of candles! Makes the house so warmy and romantic.
~Play Christmas music...the boys like Frank, Bing, Dean & Nat and the new kid Michael
~Dress your table ladies!! You simply cannot have dinner on a bare and boring table.
~Arrange pictures of your family and loved ones through out your home.
~Hang your mistle toe. I managed to sell all but one in my shop this season. I'm happy
   those who purchased them will enjoy all the kisses and love now! (:
~Tie a bell to a satin ribbon on your furry friend. Your pet needs to be festive!

"Children need Christmas trees, and not artificial ones either. The artificial ones have no fragrance and some of them play tunes, which is dreadful to think of." ~Gladys Taber

                                  When baking Christmas cookies it's essential to
                                   drink champagne and listen to Christmas music.
                                              Just drink want the
                                                        cookies to turn out! 
                                 This is something that goes way back in the family
                                       history book. My great grandma Kate and
                                        great grandfather Vincentio began in the
                                          1930's while baking there famous cookies
                                     in there Italian restaurant when they first married.

                                           My grandma took on this "responsibility"
                                     whole heartedly each season with my mother
                                  and aunt by her side. Growing up I spent many evenings
                               along my own mother's side helping her bake these decedant
                                                                 Italian cookies.

                                           My children are what bring the magic to the season.
                                 The anticipation Christmas Eve night, lying in bed listening
                             for any inclination of the big fat guy on the roof. Wondering how
                          he will like the cookies that were perfectly layed out on the special
                       Santa plate, used each year. Hoping the letters arrived to the North Pole
                     kept from being lost in the mail. ~~ One year I ran around the house outside
                                      with jingle bells chiming. This part is of Christmas
                                            is so special and it's even fun for the adults.

Each year since I was 20 years old (that was a long time ago) I have collected beautiful Christmas villiage houses and people. I think this is the best decoration in the house to my children. Because even if there is not any snow on the ground Christmas day we can look at the villiage lit up with soft lights and people in the widows and imagine that's what it looks like the real outside :)

"Christmas wont be Christmas without any presents" Louisa May Alcott

                It's absolutely crucial I watch Little Women, Miracle on 34th Street ( the 40's
                version), Elf, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and Charlie Brown Christmas.
             Because I couldn't imagine the Holiday season without these classics!

                                         Make your home smell warm and welcoming.
           Simmer 2 cups of water with cloves, orange slices & cinnamon.
                                             This will make your home smell wonderful! 
                                And it will get you in the mood to bake those holiday treats.

"Many Merry Christmases, friendships,
                                                        great accumulation
                                                                                     cheerful recollection,
                                                                              affection on Earth,
                                                                     and Heaven at last for all of us."
                                                                                        ~ Charles Dickens

                                                           Merry Christmas friends!